CATR Mentorship Program

Courtesy Suzy Lamont Photography.

Again this year, CATR will be facilitating a mentorship program. Ahead of the conference, we will create mentoring partnerships, matching graduate students and new scholars with established scholars. These pairs can connect over email in advance of the conference, make time to meet in person during the conference, and ideally continue to be in contact after the conference has ended.

Encore cette année, l’ARTC met sur pied un programme de mentorat. Avant le colloque, nous souhaitons créer des partenariats de mentorat regroupant des étudiants gradués ou des nouveaux chercheurs à des chercheurs établis. Il sera possible aux personnes jumelées de prendre contact par courriel avant le colloque afin de faire connaissance en vue de la rencontre en présence lors du colloque. De plus, il serait souhaitable que ce lien se poursuivre après l’évènement.


If you are interested in participating as a mentor/mentee, please fill out the questions below and send your survey to Christine Bellerose <>

Deadline to submit surveys: May 22, 2018

Si vous êtes intéressé à participer comme mentoré, veuillez remplir le petit questionnaire ci-dessous et le faire parvenir à Christine Bellerose :

Date de tombée pour soumettre votre demande : 22 mai 2018


Name and email:
Institutional affiliation (if any):
Career stage (student? adjunct faculty? tenure-track? independent scholar?):
5-10 keywords describing your research interests:
5-10 keywords describing your teaching fields:
Name of a person I do not yet know but would really like to meet

Nom et adresse courriel :
Affiliation institutionnelle (s’il y a lieu)
Étape de la carrière (étudiant ? professeur adjoint ? professeur en voie de permanence ? chercheur indépendant ?)
5 à 10 mots clefs décrivant vos intérêts de recherche :
5 à 10 mots clefs décrivant vos domaines d’enseignement :
Le nom d’une personne que je ne connais pas encore, mais que j’aimerais vraiment rencontrer :



from Christine Bellerose, Mentorship Coordinator & AMPD Dance Studies PhD candidate, YorkU


  1. What is a CATR mentorship program?
    The CATR mentorship program is one of mentorship pairing during the event.
  2. At this stage in the calendar preparation of things-to-do before/at CATR 2018, what is expected of a mentorship relationship?
    As in per prior CATR years, one casual meet-up during the event.
    For suggestions, please read the section below.



A traditional optic of a mentorship relationship images an established scholar sharing wisdom with, and guiding a junior, budding scholar. Fortunately, queering teaching reveals a possibility of relational wisdom exchange that is based on experience-knowledge and on the vitality and passion of a green leaf.



There are various ways to navigate a mentor-mentoree relationship which involves a brief time commitment all the way to a long-standing relationship. We advise to clearly define time commitment boundaries, and for the mentoree to gracefully respect these.



Some exchanges may be driven by understanding how to navigate the protocol of academia in all its how-to steps; cv, cover letter, trends, service work, publishing and score, conferences must, navigating calls for papers, dissertation and early career awards, course development, etc. Some exchanges might relate to life-work balance: motherhood and parenthood in the academe, how to stay fit while sitting hours-long period at the computer, mental health check, etc. And yet again, some relationships might be sharing about passion vs expectation, how to rekindle with the love of research and teaching, how to let go of prior goals and validate current goals, how to include non-English scholarship in one’s work and the difficulty of translating theoretical languages.



There are many ways to conduct a mentorship relationship.
Here are a few suggestions:

Prior to the Event

  • Casual email exchange(s) and video chat(s) prior to the event.
  • Live reading of the paper to present, prior to the event.

During the Event

  • Walk your mentorship relationship! Take your lunch for a stroll along the water. Casual.
  • In-movement practice-based mentorship! Long flight? Stiff dorm bed? A body the shape of a desk chair? Offer reciprocal hands-on body work. Stretch each other ‘n chat.
  • A longer time commitment: schedule a sit-down meeting and discuss. Suggestions is to draft key points ahead of the event, and share the list with your mentor prior to the meeting.
  • Gold key: ask about letters of references. Would your mentor be willing to nominate, endorse you?

Post Event

  • Oh! no strings attached. But if a longer relationship happens, it happens!
  • Always respect time commitments agreement.
  • Always always thank your mentor. To each their own: thank you card, homemade jam, chocolate. Most mentor if not all (!) expect no gifts. Nevertheless, a letter of thanks goes a long way. Think radical love.



At this time, there are no dedicated slots, nor rooms, allotted for programmed mentoring relationship activities. It is my wish and passion that mentorship sessions be included in the upcoming CATR programming.

I am putting it out there for those reading this far into the email, as a call for allies:

  • Roundtable-speed dating mentoring session
  • Animated mentorship stroll/walk group session.