CATR Student Travel Subsidy

Deadline: May 14th 2018

The Association is proud to see an increasing level of participation in the annual conference from student members. CATR/ACRT aims to support contributions from emerging scholars by offering greatly reduced conference and membership fees, as well as by providing financial support to offset costs of travel for students coming to the annual conference.

The 2018 conference organizers have included, as part of this year’s conference registration fees, a dedicated amount to subsidize student travel.  These funds are supplemented by the generous donations made by fellow Association members to the student travel fund, and by a portion of the CATR/ACRT membership revenues. Together, these funds guarantee a specific level of support in advance of a student’s travel, with the aim of making participation in the Association’s annual meeting less burdensome.

Eligibility Guidelines and Details:

-If you are a student (graduate or undergraduate) participating in the conference and residing further than 300kms from the conference site, you are eligible for this subsidy.

-Students who reside within 300km from the conference site are ineligible for the subsidy.

-Students are granted a subsidy according to the distance between their residency and the conference location.

For this year, subsidy amounts are guaranteed at the following minimums:

300km-500km from conference location=$100

500km+ from conference location=$200

Eligible applicants are required to: 

-complete the online form

-email, no later than May 14th 2018, with the following: a) proof of CATR membership (e.g.: screenshot of receipt); b) proof of travel/accommodation costs (plane/rail/bus ticket, etc).  Note:  if you are driving or taking alternative means of travel without a standard ticket or bill, please provide a statement indicating origin of travel, means of travel, and kilometrage.

We appreciate that reimbursement guidelines are blunt instruments; if you have any questions, exceptions or special needs, do not hesitate to write to the Treasurer, and we will do what we can to assist, within our own budget restrictions.