Working Group

Performance History Working Group

Convenors: Stephen Johnson, Roberta Barker, Heather Davis-Fisch, Sasha Kovacs, and Marlis Schweitzer

(from the original call for participants

Proposals are invited from members of the Performance History Working Group, which will consider the challenges of performance history as it relates to the ongoing research of participants. This inaugural session of the Working Group will explore the relationship between the historian of performance and documentary evidence; but because this is an inaugural meeting, we will focus on recent concerns and significant challenges that participants have experienced, as a means to establish the larger on-going issues the Working Group should explore.

The Conference meeting of this Working Group is part of a larger pattern of activity, which includes: the regular communication through an online blog; the active mentorship of emerging scholars; on-line meetings to discuss readings and research questions; local and regional meetings; and a meeting a the annual CATR conference.

Participants will be asked to contribute a statement of no more than 1,000 words (along with any related materials), which will be posted to a website in advance of the conference for viewing by participants and registrants. We will divide participants into groups for on-line discussion, assign respondents, and organize the conference session as a series of related research questions for discussion. Material will not be read during our time at the conference, but will act as pretexts for conversation.

If you are not yet a member of the Working Group, and are interested in joining, contact Stephen Johnson ( for more information. We encourage the participation of graduate students, scholars early in their careers, and seasoned veterans. The area of research is not restricted to a particular time or place.

We welcome questions in advance of submitting a proposal.