Theatre and (Im)migration: Performing Canadian Frontiers

Convenor: Yana Meerzon

Call For Interest

This seminar is the final step in the project Performing Canadian Frontiers: Theatre and (Im)Migration that began at the CATR 2013. A summit of the invited people, this meeting is reserved for the peers’ feedback between the contributors to a volume of scholarly articles to be published with the Playwrights Canada Press in May 2019.

The projected volume and seminar focus on the history of Canadian theatre and its current practices, aiming at investigating the artistic, educational and methodological influence immigrant theatre artists have had, could have had, or did not have on the development of Canadian theatre and performance stages, both in English and French, and /or other languages. It seeks to demonstrate how the increased presence of immigrant theatre artists actively contributing to English Canadian, Quebec, and Franco-Canadian theatre today prompts their audiences to rethink such fundamental concepts of Canadian social wellbeing as “civic nationalism”, “multiculturalism”, and “common space”. Looking at the cross-disciplinary scholarship on post-nationalism and globalization, the participants are invited to make use of diverse methodological models in theatre and performance studies, including historiography and semiotics, dramaturgy and (auto)ethnography, visual arts and film theory, audience and cognitive studies, language studies and theatre pedagogy; as well as documentary, participatory and applied theatre.

Although this seminar is envisioned as a “closed working session”, we are happy to open it to any guests interested in the subject. Although the current project has a definitive end date of May 2019, we believe the discussion of how Canadian diversity and immigration are presented on its stages is still at an early stage, so we hope turning this seminar into a working group that will continuously meet at the CATR gatherings.