Digital Dance, Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies in Canada

Coordinator: Carolyne Clare

(from the original call for papers)

In 2017, the Canada Council for the Arts launched its Digital Strategy Fund, which commits 88.5M$ to developing digital initiatives in the arts. The Council is encouraging the arts community to collaborate, and build partnerships that can benefit multiple organization and audiences. In response to the Council’s announcements, numerous arts organizations across Canada have gathered to dream and plan but few conversations have engaged academic organizations. Our roundtable discussion aims to address this gap and query our field by promoting exchanges between performing arts service organizations, arts councils, artists, universities, and scholars.

We invite four scholars to present their research on the relationship of the digital to dance, drama, theatre and performance studies in Canada (5 minutes each). We will then continue the discussion by asking our experts a handful of pre-circulated questions that will tease out relevant scholarly critiques, theories and histories (40 minutes). Finally, the roundtable will open for discussion by all participants, although participants will be welcome to comment or ask questions throughout the roundtable discussion (20 minutes).

Depending on the interests of the participants, discussion questions may include:

  1. How has the inclusion of digital platforms in live performance impacted dance, drama, theatre, and performance studies?
  2. How might the digital effect the production and distribution of performance?
  3. What strategies might be developed for managing metadata or open/linked data?
  4. What critical frameworks (feminist, Marxist, post-colonial) should be brought to digital practices related to performance?
Frédéric Julien, Director of Research and Development for the Canadian Arts Presenting Association, will moderate the roundtable. Carolyne Clare, Doctoral Student and Vanier Scholar at Simon Fraser University’s Department of English, will assist with coordinating the event.